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Loan Officer David Butcher acted real nice and professional until I decided to go with another lender.He then started harrassing me via e-mail and phone calls.Warning to anyone looking for a not do business with Traditional Home Mortgage...they will tell you anything to get you into a mortgage so they can make money and rip you off.Then when you want to change lenders they will not want to turn over the FHA case # There motto is Integrity,Compassion,Experience...what a joke.If all of their loan officers are like Dave the psycho....beware.

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Terrigal, New South Wales, Australia #23389

Michael Perry shine my shoes,,,,I bet you cant do that either,,,,You *** ,,You swindler,,,You thief,,,and your a egomaniac failure,,your best job is driving an empty bus,,,I would trust passengers on that bus when you drive,,,,you selfish ***

Luxora, Arkansas, United States #21591

Here's the deal. The only thing that any one of of possess is our time.

When you go to work, it is with the anticipation that at the end of the day, there is a pay check. If at the end of the day, your boss didn't pay you, you might get upset.

You might do or say a few things you would regret later.

I'm not excusing poor behavior, just suggesting you and others might be a little more understanding of his reactions. Hopefully, he will learn from his mistakes, and become better at serving customers in the future.

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